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Mediation Services in Lexington, SC

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If you are embroiled in a legal dispute, you may be able to reach a resolution before a litigation before the court. Through our mediation services, our experienced lawyers are often able to help people to reach agreements that end their disputes. Mediation may be an effective way to reach a resolution much faster than it would take to litigate your legal dispute through the court process.
Many civil issues are amenable to mediation as an alternative dispute resolution process:
  • Personal injury
  • Probate disputes
  • Family law matters
  • Workers' compensation disputes
  • Other civil matters

When you choose the Cofield Law Firm for your mediation services, you and the opposing party will each meet with a trained mediator who is experienced with helping to facilitate legally enforceable agreements.

Why Use a Lawyer for Mediation?

Mediation may be preferable to litigation for several reasons:
  • It is often less expensive than litigation is.
  • Mediation cases are often resolved much faster than litigation cases. This helps to limit the costs that may be associated with protracted litigation.
  • Mediation can be used to keep agreements confidential since it is an out-of-court proceeding.
Some people recommend against having lawyers for mediation. However, this isn't advisable. Here's why:
  • A lawyer can advise you on the legal ramifications of potential settlements.
  • A lawyer can protect your rights from being exploited in an unfair agreement.
  • You have an ally on your side that understands the law.

Rely on Our Attorneys for Successful Mediation

Our attorneys have substantial experience with assisting people in reaching agreements that are amenable to both parties. This can allow them to resolve their differences so that they can move forward with their lives. If you are unable to reach an agreement in mediation, you are still able to take your matter to court and litigate it through the normal process. Call us today for a legal consultation at 803-951-0389.